With the beginning of New Year we started to work with the new partner – this time from the African continent- Classics Journeys Africa, dmc and safari specialist from Kenya and Tanzania !

Classic Journeys Africa organises safari and leisure stays in East Africa for groups and FIT. Main office of the company is based in Nairobi and operational office in Tanzania Arusha – that helps in running smooth operations in both countries.

Classic Journeys owned by 2 directors, born and educated in Kenya believe in responsible travelling, cooperation with local communities, spreading knowledge about local culture and responsible approach towards flora na fauna. All programs are run by guides who are aware of these principles, eco tourism has a big importance to them and they proof that during their safari trips.

Direct contact with Classic Journeys Africa, www.classicjourneysafrica.com,e-mail: Elvis E. Ayieko, Sales & Marketing Director, ayieko.eelvis@classicjourneysafrica.com.

Our current portfolio of dmc partners includes: ARMENIA – AZERBAIJAN – BRAZIL – DUBAI – UAE – GEORGIA – MALTA – OMAN – CYPRUS – GREECE- RUSSIA – KENYA -TANZANIA