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Jubilee of Grata DMC from Georgia

Jubilee of Grata DMC from Georgia

June 15 Grata DMC celebrated its 5th anniversary … … and actually it’s several anniversaries, 5 years of activity in Georgia, 4 years of cooperation with #Polhotrep on the Polish market, 3 years since the opening of the office in Azerbaijan and a year of operation in Armenia – so there was something to celebrate. Happy Birthday #gratadmc! We invite…

Fam Trip to Brazil

Fam Trip to Brazil

7-13 June we were with a group of great organizers of incentive trips on a fam trip in Brazil. Northside DMC showed us its exciting country, we learned what and where we can organize in Rio de Janeiro, we got to know the natural wonder or Iguazu Falls from both Brazilian and Argentinian sides, and we spent great moments and…


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