Portugal, this fascinating country is known by everybody and everybody knows how popular it is on the MICE and leisure markets. That is why we will not concentrate on describing the beauty of Portugal but we will simple say- we are very happy that dmc from Portugal- Eventivos joins our portfolio !

Eventivos was founded in 2004 and since that time have been servicing and creating programs both for MICE and leisure groups in whole Portugal, Madeira and Azores. Eventivos office is based in Lisbon and the company is a member of Lisbon Convention Bureau.

The energetic team under the management of Maria Costa, whom some of you might know as she has been working on the Polish market already for a long time, is waiting for new challenges and requests from you !

e are looking forward to the cooperation in Portugal- please contact us in POLHOTREP or directly Eventivos, e-mail: Maria Costa, CEO, maria.costa@eventivos.pt